It’s all about convenience

Yes, it looks like a mess.  Let’s see how your housekeeping survives your back injury.  Yes those are wall studs.  I was in the middle  of redoing the basement when this happened.


So this is where I’ve been for 23-1/2 hours a day for the last couple of months.  Note the  following:

  • It;s on the ground floor, and I can exit the house via the garage.  No stairs involved.  Stairs are not your friends.
  • Trash can next to bed.
  • Media computer at head of bed.  I do have a TV.  It’s buried in the garage.  See the bit above about redoing the basement.  This is for watching movies with my kids.  It’s also got USB ports for charging my phone, etc.
  • Just above the pillows is a recycling bag.  It’s hanging from a nail on one of the wall studs.
  • There’s a 12 pack of seltzer water next to the bed.  My preference is to make my own with my SodaStream, but there are times when that process – getting out of bed, filling the bottle, with water, carbonating the water, and then going back to bed – is more than I can take.
  • Power strip on the floor next to the bed.  Powers computers, heating pad, etc.
  • Bag-o-meds resides on the floor at the head of my bed.

In short, I’ve rearranged things so that what I need on a regular basis is within arm’s reach  It provides a measure of independence, in that I don’t need anyone to get these things for me.  It’s usually not tidy, but it helps me get through the day.  And night.  On the days when I can barely make it to the bathroom, it really makes a difference.



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