What can I do to help: Grocery shopping

Being flat on one’s back is excruciating, in more ways than physical.  It’s easy to feel helpless, which can quickly lead to hopeless.  This is one of the ways that I “fight back” against feeling helpless.

I may not be able to go shopping, but I can certainly order groceries.  Smith’s (Kroger) has a service called Clicklist.  For $4.95 per order (the first three are free) someone will take your grocery list, do all your shopping, and have everything ready when you arrive at the store.

I can do some meal planning for nights with the kids.  I can make sure that the household has needed supplies like TP, and basics like milk, butter, and fruit.

Although I may need to ask someone to pick them up (driving sucks), it’s a lot more manageable.

This helps me feel:

  • Like less of a burden on others
  • Like I have some control over my life (or at least my meals)
  • Like I am contributing something to the household’s day-to-day running

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