Someone has a sense of humor

IMG_0629The receipt from my breakfast.  Not sure whether this was intentional, or inadvertent.  Kinda funny though…


Showering with a slipped disc

I was recalling a conversation I had with my mother a few months ago.  We were discussing mobility while my back was hurting.

I would go upstairs at least every other day to take a shower.  It was pretty important to me mentally as well as keeping me from getting too stinky.

The question was, “How did I dry my legs when I couldn’t bend?”

The short answer is, I didn’t.

It’s amazing what becomes optional when you are in pain.  I would dry my upper body as best I could, then wrap a towel around my waste and head back downstairs.  I’d put the towel on my bed, and then lay down and let my legs air dry.

So grateful that I can now dry myself completely!

Taking it easy

I’ve found that post-surgery I’m having to regain energy and strength.  Today was spent sleeping in, reading in bed, going for my walk, stretching, reading in bed, running errands, more reading in bed, working on rockets, going for my second walk, then getting ready for bed.

Part of me is so frustrated that I accomplished so little today.  The rest of me is accepting that this is where I am today.  My body is going to recuperate at it’s own pace.  And there’s not much I can do about it.

To be sure, I could push myself harder, but that’s been shown to be far from the best course of action.  So for today I’ll listen to my body, and rest.

Review: Marie Callendar’s Cheesy Chicken & Bacon Pot Pie


  • Only need to go to the microwave once.  Unlike a lot of meals that you cook, stop, stir, and cook some more, this one is set it and forget it.  When trips to the microwave hurt, this is important!
  • Inexpensive.  Usually on sale for $2.00 to $3.00
  • This one is a nice variant on the traditional chicken pot pie.  The addition of cheese and bacon mixes things up nicely.
  • Generous portion – 16 oz


  • Lots of crust.  If you like crust this could be a plus, however, you are getting a fair amount of cheap filler in the form of crust.


4.1 out of 5.  This one is currently in regular rotation – once or even twice per week.

My cane, my constant companion

After a couple days of hobbling around in excruciating agony, it occurred to me that my mother had left a cane behind on one of her visits.  I got it out of the closet, and after that it never left my side.  That included in the shower – I would just pull off the rubber foot after I got out to drain the water that had collected.  That also includes sleeping with it, so that when I wake up I know exactly where it is.

Of course, since I associated that cane with my mother, after a couple of weeks I decided to get one of my own.  More masculine.  OK – I also get bored and like to shop on Amazon.  So, I ordered one of these:

(If you click the image and buy one, Amazon gives me a few cents)

After a month, I have the following to say.


  • Foam handle is softer on my hand
  • Plain black
  • Sturdy (300 lb limit)


  • Not as sturdy as my previous cane.  That one has a “T” handle directly over the shaft.  This one feels like it flexes a little bit.
  • Not as easy to get the rubber foot off to pour the water out after taking a shower
  • The height that I got used to on the first cane seems to be halfway between two heights on this cane.

Conclusion:  It’s a good cane, but for a larger individual like me, I’ll probably go to a “T” handle for my next purchase.